apps and websites to beat examination blues

Now, apps and websites to beat examination blues

Mock question papers, live tutoring sessions, tests now online

As S. Smiriti, a Class XII student, sits to study for her next board examination, she has her smartphone and laptop beside her to access a host of apps and websites.

“Apps such as Meritnation and myCBSEGuide are extremely helpful since they not only have sample papers but also offer solutions for questions in the NCERT textbook,” she said. “For students who needing to grasp a concept from the textbook, many of these apps give simple explanations and tutorials that are extremely helpful.”

By the click of a button mock question papers, live tutoring sessions and tests, preparation of study schedules and counselling can be accessed to help beat exam stress. The resources available online do not stop with topics from the State Board and CBSE textbooks. “Based on our syllabus, a lot of material available on these apps that will help us prepare for exams such as JEE and Common Proficiency Test (CPT),” said K. Sooraj, a city student

Interestingly, students are turning to app to also seek counselling. YourDOST, an online counselling and emotional wellness platform, has seen a spike in requests from students for online sessions to help them cope with exam stress.

Handling stress

“When students approach us a month before the exam, our counsellors usually give them tips on how to handle the stress,” said Richa Singh, co-founder of the portal.

“ Since students can access websites from their smart phones and have a choice to remain anonymous, many log onto our portal on a daily basis during the board exams to chat with our counsellors .”

When Lakshmi Vijayakumar started the Sneha Suicide Prevention Centre about 30 years ago, people walked into the centre. “About 10 years or so ago, it was mostly phone calls,” she said. However, in the last five years, more and more people, particularly youngsters, contact the centre by email. Sneha can be reached on 044-24640050 or on

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