Schools slam CBSE move

Schools slam CBSE move, parents welcome

KOCHI: The directive from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) that its affiliated schools cannot sell textbooks, stationery and uniforms within their premises or through selected vendors has sparked confusion among school authorities but the parents seemed to have welcomed the decision.

“Recently, the CBSE had issued a directive to schools to order them from its online portal for the next academic year. Now, they have asked us to not sell these books. It is very confusing,” said Fr Antony M, principal of Sacred Heart School.

In the case of uniforms, school authorities have been wondering how they would be able to provide their students with school uniforms exclusively designed by them.

“Every school has its own unique uniform, made by the tailors appointed by the school. So, if we don’t suggest the tailor that makes our uniform then how would we be able to enforce uniform rules in schools,” said Francis KA, general secretary of the Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes.

He added it was difficult for the schools to depend entirely on NCERT for textbooks.

“Several schools have ordered NCERT textbooks via the online portal instead of ordering books from private publishers. Now, the school authorities have no idea when these textbooks will arrive or when they will be able to distribute them to the students,” he said.

But parents have seen something positive in the new circular. Most of them find it difficult to meet some of the demands made by the schools- in terms of specific notebooks and textbooks that schools require.

“A normal hundred-page notebook costs around Rs 10 but schools insist that we buy notebooks from specific vendors who sell them with the school’s seal on them. They cost around Rs 30 each. Moreover, they want the books to be wrapped with a specific brown paper, which should also have the school’s seal on it,” said Joel K Jose, whose daughter studies in a private school in Kochi.
He added that he supports the directive issued by the CBSE as some schools include minor details to their uniform such as a line or a stripe making it impossible for the parents to get that specific uniform from any other vendors apart from the ones suggested by the school.
“As a consumer, the parents must have some bargaining power and choice as to where they want to buy the uniforms from for their children,” he added.

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