Spotlight on CBSE

The Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering (CBSE) is a multidisciplinary research center with a mission to research and develop advanced biomaterials, devices and therapeutics for applications in the biomedical industry. The objectives of the Center are to:

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Enhance facilities and equipment for biomedical research
  • Train the next generation of biomedical engineers
  • improve patient outcomes and expand economic development in Missouri and the US.

Research in the CBSE covers a variety of areas in biomedical engineering, including biomaterials, tissue engineering, biofabrication, biosensors, biomedical imaging and biomedical therapeutics. A partial list of current research areas are:

– Design and modeling of bioactive glass for medical applications

– Scaffolds for tissue engineering

– Bone regeneration and vascularization

– Regenerative medicine and stem cell biology

– Bioactive glass for wound healing and nerve regeneration

– Nanobiomaterials for drug delivery, cancer treatment and diagnosis

– Biomarkers for cancer detection

– Antibacterial coatings and implants for orthopedic surgery

– Biosensors and bioimaging devices for cancer treatment and patient care

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